Upper Moreland Wrestling Club
Upper Moreland Wrestling Club

Every club relies on its members to volunteer to make it a success.  Without Volunteers there really would be no Wrestling Club.  Those who served on the UMWC Board dedicated their time and talents to help make the Upper Moreland Wrestling Club the club that it has become today.  The following people  served on the UMWC Board for at least one year.  Our gratitude for their contibution is duly noted and greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


Past Presidents

Stu Shute 2005-2006

Bob Gannon 2006-2007

Trey Patterson 2007-2016


10 Years of Service & Commitment

Kevin Dougherty

Brian Lifsted

Amy Walker

Trey Patterson


Past Board Members


Jen & Bill Fleming

Stu Shute

Mike Lieberman

Bob & Carol Barnhart

Carol Breme

Bob Harmond

Bob Gannon

Ernest Brown

Maureen Cybok

Tanya Firgueroa

Rose and Phil Amy

Greg McEntee

Colleen Hill

Anthony DeLaurentis

Jim and Bridgette Boreli

Joe Tomeo

Rick Carpenter

John Tuffy

Dave Bolich

Christine Patterson

Sheryl Dougherty

Dave & Heather  Bolich

Chris Hogan

David Dombrowski

Michelle Flanagan

Amy Walker

Trey Patterson

Rob Rittler





Practices Held at UM HS 

November: Preseason practice starts November 5th, 2018 at 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM and are held every Monday and Wednesday

December: TBD

January: TBD


 Directions Upper Moreland High School


Home Meets

Held at Intermediate School

 Upper Moreland Intermediate School  Starting Time 9:30 AM


Satellite Hosts

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